I love capturing moments and being a part of those timeless memories of you. Those smiles, that heartfelt laughter, those warm tight hugs, those little tears of joy, that dreamy look in your eyes when you look at your twin soul, that sparkle in their eyes when your folks see you get all decked up on your big day, all that behind-the-scene chaos, haste, tantrums all of those moments that make your actual wedding, the “real” wedding, I absolutely adore capturing all of that for you. I have been photographing weddings since last five years and this journey has been a rollercoaster but a thrilling fulfilled ride of my life. I am a dreamer and I romanticise colours. I always dreamt of doing something that adds values to people’s lives, and here’s photography that gives me a chance to capture, witness and be a part of all that immense love people have for each other. It is amazing how a photograph takes you back in time and makes you re-live that moment which you were sometimes unaware of, I exactly strive to do that for you and your family. We all at StoryTeller always put a real effort in striking that balance between being real, yet creative while covering those precious moments of your life and I am sure you are going to love being in this journey with us when you have us on board.

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