I distinctly remember my first meeting with Shilpi, the bride, at Theobroma where we discussed everything from her love story to her wedding events to outfits to make-up artist to photography. We just connected instantly. She is one of those absolutely adorable people who is cheerful and happy all the time. The best thing about her was that she trusts an artist fully and gives them a free hand to perform their work in their best possible way. Rahul, the groom, whom I always connected on phone since he lives in UK, is a charming and chivalrous young man and a perfectionist to the core, who exactly knows what he wants. Shilpi and Rahul have a beautiful chemistry and I could see all the love sparks sparkling around when I met both of them together in person while shooting their Court wedding in September.

Shilpi and Rahul’s wedding was a Punjabi-Marathi mixed style of wedding and it was fun to capture their rituals, love and happiness.